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Get all Minion Rush cheats to know how to get unlimited Bananas, Golden Bananas, Tokens and Gift Codes:

Minion Rush game is one of the most popular free-to-play game for iOS star. It is a game that will keep you busy and entertained for hours. Sure, the game is additive owing to its amazing features. In a statement released by Gameloft, there was more than 50 million downloads of the game’s title on iOS and Google Play just in a month. It is ranked at the highest point in more than 100 countries on the top free apps charts.

In the game, the yellowish little creatures gibbering in the air are fawning dependant of the Gru. As minions of the Gru, the little creatures are always making effort to win the attention of the Gru by outshining their peers. If you are a player of the game, you will play the role of minion Dave whose target is to pick up the employer of the year honor. The game play is not difficult to learn.

As you are playing the game, it is like you are competing against yourself. Obstacles will come on your way as you are running on a three-lane production belt. You will try not to hit the obstacle otherwise you will fall. The player’s aim in the minion game is to obtain the highest possible Despicable Score. You should always move your multiplier higher for you to continually beat your highest score by engaging in Despicable Acts like crouching objects or running over other minions using power-ups. You will only advance to the next level by completing the goals provided by Dr. Navario, Gru and his daughters.

Tips for playing the game

What serves as currency in the game is the banana you collect. So, it is important that you collect as many bananas as possible. You will use them to purchase most character upgrades and level ups. So, it is not a bad idea to run through levels in order to get the bananas and stock them up.

You can also utilize the banana you obtain to unlock power-ups you may find while running and they include the Mega Minion, Banana Vacuum and the Freeze Ray.  The costumes of your minions can also be unlocked using the Bananas you collect. From the above, it is evidently clear, that bananas can be used to do a lot of things in the Minion Rush game.

It is important that you connect Minion Rush to your Facebook so that you get extra Gru tokens. It also makes it possible for you to send challenges and taunts to your friend.


Minion Rush Cheats

Minion Rush has a section where you can collect prizes and bonuses but in order to unlock the corresponding prize, you should know the unlocking combination of minions.

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