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Jackpot Party Casino Hack 2014 – Available for download!

Yes, to all you Jackpot Party Players: You read it correctly! Finally there is a Jackpot Party Casino Hack released that actually works! I forwarded some messages that we arrived from some fans and the majority of those messages were requests about the jackpot party casino hack. This Hack Tool allows you to add your desired amount of Cash or Coins (whatever you want to call it – in the end it’s a game currency) and XP (XP = Experience). And all you need to get unlimited Coins and XP, is the Jackpot Party Casino Hack 2014 and you’re E-Mail address in hand that you used to register to play Jackpot Party Casino. We don’t require any personal data or the password. These cheats are safe! Check out the screenshot below.

Jackpot Party Casino Cheats – Screenshot


Some more information about these cheats

This Jackpot Party Casino Hack has been coded recently by James, our main coder, as always. Actually this is the third release as the beta versions needed a password of the account. But we were able to communicate with their API Servers. This means that we don’t require the password to authenticate. Only the E-Mail address is required to hack your Coins and XP. As safety is priority #1 with us, we guarantee that you will not get banned! You cannot get tracked back. Why? Because this tool uses a high military encryption that even the NSA can’t decrypt!. Below there is a video which shows you the tool in action!

jackpot party casino cheats

How to get it running and working properly

Struggling to it running? The first step is the download of this program. You click the download button above. Your download should start straight away. Then use a software like WinRAR to extract this program or execute it directly. Keep in mind that the ReadMe.TXT File is really important. It contains all the necessary steps to get your license key. This license key is created invidually which means that you cannot use keys from other users. It’s a security measure to protect from leeching and reverse engineering. However, enter your personal license key and click the left button to proceed. Now, you need to authenticate your Jackpot Party Casino Cheats. Enter the E-Mail address that you used to register and play Jackpot Party Casino. Simply click “Authenticate” now and the first steps are done. In the right section you need to configure the hack. Enter your amount of Cash/Coins and XP you would like to add. Then click on “Hack” – Now wait and you’re done – Enjoy!

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