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Omegle Spy Hack – Hack and Cheats

Omegle Spy Hack

Omegle spy hack is a software extension which is used to omegle hack webcam. This omegle hack allows you to stay connected with their cam even after they disconnected you. Now see strangers webcam on omegle as long as they are online and without them knowing. Follow the tutorial and screenshots below to install omegle spy software. With this hack for omegle.  You can Find girls and boys. Select who do you want to find.



Omegle Hack Tutorial :

  • Download the extension from link given below
  • After download, extract the rar file
  • Now open Google Chrome(latest version) and go to Google Chrome setting then click on extension.
  • Now you will see that a new webcam window will open in the same screen and you are spying on their cam.
  • It does not matter whether stranger is connected or disconnected you will always spy on their cam as long as they he/she is online.
  • This omegle extension can capture only two strangers webcam at a time. If you want to disconnect then click on disconnect icon.
  • Thats it!! Now start spying on Omegle webcam forever.


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