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Dropcam Hack – Hack and Cheats

Dropcam Hack

Thanks to the wonderful world wide web and people who actually know what they are doing in the world of computer programming I have figured out how to make DropCam into a static image server for use as a regular webcam that takes static images and serves them at a specific interval. With dropcam hack it will be possible.

dropcam hack

Here is the live webcam using a the image I automate downloading and storing with dropcam hack.
Live Nordic Valley Webcam - Updated every 5 Minutes

With this dropcam hack you could theoretically bypass paying for their CVR service and host it yourself (But trust me you will want to pay to have the features the subscription offers)

What this dropcam hack will allow you to do is programmatically grab the images that DropCam streams by periodically downloading the camera’s public thumbnail image.



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