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Agario Hack – Hack and Cheats

Agario Hack

Eat all the cells using the Agario Hack Script.

Agar.io is a catchy multiplayer browser game written in JavaScript. You need to collect pellets around the map in order to grow in size while avoiding other players who are bigger than you. If you don’t, they will eat you and will get bigger. If another larger player eats you, they will consume your cell, will get bigger and you will need to start from scratch. That’s the way how agar.io works. Cool, isn’t it? But how does using an agario hack sounds for you?

Agar Hack (.js script and documentation):

[New Script – Updated on 06.08.2015]

agar hack

Right Now you can also generate your agar bot code using our online web app. Please remember, that this agar.io app is not working on Internet Explorer.

Information: Agario hack works on Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. If you aren’t able to use on of these browsers, just download the already prepared archive.

What does this agar hack do?

agario hack

Score in only 5 minutes with Agar Speed Hack.

This agar hack lets you to play on invisible mode by setting up the opacity for you cell. So, you can just hide and hunt!


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